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Mapping out your app idea has never been easier.

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Visualization made simple

Pen-and-paper sketches are a thing of the past. With Epic, you can select visuals from a comprehensive library to effortlessly storyboard your app idea.

Drag and drop screens

Every app has its own, unique flow. Epic lets you design yours by dragging, dropping and ordering core screens to tell your story and fine-tune your app’s experience.

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Comment and annotate

A picture is worth a thousand words, but building an amazing app sometimes needs a little more. Epic lets you add comments to sample screens so that you can accurately convey your thoughts to your development team.

Export and share

Passion is contagious. Epic’s export tool turns your screens and storyboards into gorgeous presentation-ready pitch decks so that you can get others excited about your idea.

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Estimate costs and get a backlog

Epic instantly gives you a cost estimation and a backlog based on your selections. This makes prioritizing your MVP’s features easier than ever.

Present your ideas from your phone or tablet

Impress your investors and people you want to share your idea with by presenting it from your phone. It is simple, use the web to define your ideas and screens and access from your phone to see how your app will look.

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“Using Epic in our roadmapping sessions at TopTier has been an amazing experience. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and intuitive design, we have been able to create app prototypes that we can discuss, brainstorm and improve upon all in a single session with our client.” Anthony Figueroa, Founder at TopTier Labs


“Epic removes the noise that often comes from app ideation. It allowed me to seamlessly plan out my MVP, screen by screen, step by step.” Abe Storey,


“Epic is an amazing learning tool for those new to the mobile app space. From mapping out user flows to annotating screenshots, it has helped me understand what it means to clearly communicate ideas to developers.” Sasan Delghandi, Summer Intern at Neon Roots

Have your entire idea visualized in minutes.

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